Fight or flight

I’m terrible with confrontation.

Really, ridiculously terrible. I’ll do whatever I can to avoid it.

I don’t mind a decent discussion with somebody who holds a view that’s different to mine. In fact, I rather like that. It makes for interesting conversations.

But confrontation — facing actual aggression, verbal or physical — that I do not deal with well. Or at all. I bow out, keep my mouth shut, walk away. I react to anger with silence and I manifest my own anger through silence.

This is not a good thing. Yes, it can avoid fights with strangers or even friends on drunken nights when emotions and bravado get a bit out of hand.

But my complete aversion to confrontation means that sometimes things go unsaid that deep down I really think should be said. Sometimes people who should be confronted about their behaviour go unchallenged. And my inability to say those things at those times makes me feel cowardly. It’s easier to stay silent and not draw attention to yourself in difficult or awkward situations, but it doesn’t always feel very good.

Still, I have nobody to blame but myself. Maybe I’ll practice my confrontational skills by giving myself a good talking to.


The Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight


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