Silver Linings

They say that envy is one of the ugliest emotions. I tend to agree with that sentiment. Envy is insidious and treacherous and it’s caused by the fortune of others. You see what they have and not only do you begrudge them for it, even if they’re fully deserving, it also makes you take what you do have for granted. As if not having their exact brand of happiness makes your own worthless. It can creep into friendships and build walls that are impossible to break down because you can’t speak their cause aloud. You can’t admit envy because it makes you look small and petty. So it simmers and stagnates and ruins joy. And all of this is ridiculous because it’s so unnecessary.

But if you can remove the bitter aspect of envy, the part of the emotion that would take what others have to satisfy itself, then a respect and desire for what others have achieved can be positive. It can inspire you, motivate you, make you try harder. It requires not feeling sorry for yourself when you see somebody who has done something you haven’t yet managed or has something you haven’t yet found, and that’s difficult. It’s so much easier to dislike them and blame them for your lack than to realise you have to work harder yourself. Envy can be ugly, but only if we let it make us ugly.


The Daily Prompt: Silver Linings


On a side note, I was going to post a photo along the Daily Post theme of ugliness, but I’m lucky enough this weekend to be in a lovely spot surrounded by unrelenting niceness, so I couldn’t find anything appropriate. Instead of moaning about this, I will be grateful and post a picture of the bear the B&B I’m staying in leaves on every bed in place of pillow mints.

2013-05-31 21.35.16


I have named him Hathaway.



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